Are You the Complaint Department?

Today, The Cripplegate is posting my article, Don’t Be the Church’s Complaint Department.

Referencing some wise suggestions from Dan Phillips, I argue for how we ought to deal with the complaints and grumblings we’ll inevitably hear in the fellowship of the Church:

Christians will not always obey Matthew 18:15. They will grumble and complain to the wrong parties thats been the cost of doing business for quite some time. But should we expect Christians to obey Matthew 18:15 anyway? Yes, and we should label their misfiled complaints as what they are, gossip.

It is unlikely that people will ever stop trying to complain to us about others, but we can refuse to receive it. If its not about me, then youve got the wrong department!

… In every church of which Ive ever been a member, Ive never observed an issue or complaint that couldnt be resolved only people who wouldnt resolve them. Too often, their refusal to deal with their complaints as obedient Christians was aided and abetted by other Christians who served as a de facto complaint department. However unwittingly, these willing ears only served to exacerbate, extend, and deepen the problems. Ultimately, these Christians were outwitted by the designs of the evil one, rather than walking after the Holy Spirit (Eph 4:3, 28; cf. 2 Cor 2:11).

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